A Year of Planning and Building Completes our Music, Video and Photography Studio.

The idea of a larger, high spec space was always a dream for my business and now in 2018 I can live that dream. It’s a dream that opens up a whole world of possibilities for the services that we can offer as a business, and as we further sharpen our skills and develop our creativity. In the last month, we have started to realise the potential of our combined music, video and photography space which is totally unique to Kent. Not only can we record and produce superb high quality music, we can also film and produce the visuals which these days, are just as important as the music.

A5 Smeed Dean Center started off as a blank warehouse space. I decided to hire the skills of renowned studio designer Howard Turner to design the build from an acoustics perspective. Having followed his plan to the millimeter, the CS Carpentry team have done a stirling job by going above and beyond to meet the deadline. Having installed over 500 sheets of plasterboard, squeezed out close to 600 tubes of silicone sealant and placed over 250 sheets of plywood, the build is finally complete. Special thanks also goes to BP Electrical, MI Security, The Building Inspector, Alsford Sittingbourne , Polarity Electricity Systems, Target Damp, and all the other trades and suppliers who have been super helpful and patient with the project.

Here’s some timelapse footage of the build taking place.

Of course, now the builders have gone and the space is complete, you can truly experience what a cyclorama wall and the latest LED lighting can do for creative video, oh and by the way, the curves in a cyclorama wall are also fantastic for acoustics! Good job our video room doubles up as a live room for recording bands and musicians!

The future is very exciting indeed and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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