Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube all offer live streaming platforms. Going live will reach a much larger audience than any standard post, so let the Big Jam team come to your event / business and broadcast a professional live video and audio feed to your audience.

Ideal for award ceremonies, presentations, themed events or important meetings.

We’re fully set up for the live revolution- so get in touch today so we can better understand your needs.

DVD, Blu-ray and digital HD

Event media can be delivered on DVD, Blu-ray and digital HD files.

4 camera angles.

Live broadcast from up to 4 camera angles.

Professionally mixed

All dialog and audio can be professionally mixed for broadcast.

Live twitter feeds

Live twitter feeds and text can be overlaid to your broadcast.

Going viral

The viral reach of live streaming on social media is much larger than standard posts.

Live Event Streaming packages.

All our event videography and live streaming services are built bespoke to your needs. Please get in touch so we can arrange a meet to better understand your needs.