A ceiling pantograph rail system ensures a tidy workspace and your crew will always feel comfortable with a comfy sofa and changing rooms. We also have a range of backgrounds available including our white Cyclorama Infinity Cove, black floor to ceiling curtains and various Green Screen options.  

Creative lighting

Continuous daylight and creative lighting available

Dedicated space

Over 600 square feet of photography space

Green screen

Various green screen capabilities

Space for clients

Use of our office as entrance meet and greet space for clients.

Easy loading

Ground floor double door loading.


Complimentary tea, coffee and Wi-Fi throughout your session

Video Studio Hire Rates

All rates include usage of our dry hire equipment.

Monday To Friday Day Time

Off PeakWeekdays 9am-6pm
  • 1-hour: £30
  • 2-hours: £50
  • 3-hours: £70
  • 4-hours: £85
  • Full 8-hour day: £160
  • Prices quoted are net


(All prices excluding VAT)

Big jam Studios, Kent - Handheld Gimbal
Gimbal – Ikan Beholder EC1 : £20 + VAT per session

Perfect for professional grade, smooth shots. Available for £20 + VAT per session.

3 X Chroma Q Space Force (Bi Colour) lights : £30 + VAT per session

Some of the highest quality lights in the market. Click on the above image to find out more. £30 + VAT per session  (price for all 3 lights).

2 X Pro Lights – Eclipse Fresnels TV ( Barn Doors Available) :£30 + VAT per session

High quality, powerful multi-colour spots. Click on the above image to find out more. £30 + VAT per session (price for 2 lights).

2 X R30 Ring Lights : £10 + VAT per session

Perfect for beauty shots. Click on the above image to find out more. £10 + VAT per session (price for 2 lights).

Creative Lighting – DMX Controlled by FLXs24 Desk: £30 + VAT per session.

Perfect for performance shots. Turn the space into a proper music venue. £30 plus VAT per session (First hire will need a 30 minute demonstration priced at £20).

4 x RGBA UV LED Wall wash batons
6 x RGBA UV LED par cans
2 x Chauvet Intimidator Spot Gobos
1 x Dragonfly Quad
1 x Multicolour Lazer
2 x RGBA UV Moving Head LED Par cans
1 x Smoke Machine

Green Screen: £30-£334 + VAT per session

A full chroma green screen paint wash of infinity cove walls and flooring is £334 + VAT per session. A cheaper alternative is with our extra wide 3m roll of green screen paper available for £30 + VAT a session.

Stands & Tripods – Included with Studio Hire
  • Overhead ceiling rail system with 4 pantographs (limited to 8kg fixtures)
  • 2 x heavy duty light stands
  • 4 x lightweight light stands
  • Manfroto 055 tripod with video fluid head
Big jam Studios, Kent - Pantographs
Canon D80 DSLR : £25 + VAT per session 

A Canon D80 DSLR camera with 3 lenses available for £25 + VAT per session. The perfect tool to help you capture sharp shots.