The secret is in the combination of our acoustically designed, relaxed and friendly environment, top-grade microphones and pre-amps, and the best analogue to digital conversion available from Burl Audio.

Add on top the mix expertise and attention to detail of the Big Jam team, and you have a formula for BIG results.

We pride ourselves

in all aspects of recording from large bands to writing pop backing tracks from the ground up or even producing cutting edge EDM music.

Our custom space

means bands can perform 100% live yet obtain full instrument separation for the perfect studio sound and gelled rehearsed performance.

Rest assured

that we’ll make you feel comfortable and relaxed so we can record you at your best and produce recordings you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

A range of rare and vintage

analogue hardware helps to mould our trademark warm sound.

Quality vocal recording

& production is at the core of our Kent based music studio. No matter your style or vocal ability.

In the last five years

our recordings have helped many musicians go onto get big record deals and live gigs. We’ve produced plenty of material featured in the I-tunes sales charts.

Choose Big Jam and get that BIG sound.

RATES: All recording sessions include mixing and mastering with a printed CD as well as the mastered track as an MP3.

1-On-1 Studio Time:

Precious time with our mix engineer! Ideal for singers, rappers & EDM artists. Bring your own backing track, let us source one from our immense library or why not let us produce something custom for you?

Bands Recording Session

Because of the intricate nature of recording a band, we can either charge a fixed rate per track / EP, or stick to a daily studio rate for recording and production. Big Jam Studios is built to have three isolated acoustic zones meaning you can perform as a band and still achieve an isolated sound.
  • Drum Booth
  • Large Live Room
  • Vocal Booth
We recommend that you arrange a visit to discuss your needs and project in depth so we can find the best way to get you the great results you're in need of.

Band Audio Recording and Production

Day Rate
  • Exclusive use of the whole studio complex.
  • One Day: £280
  • Two Days: £530
  • Each Day Thereafter: £260

Why not add another service?

Press Pass Upgrade:

While you’re at our studio dressed to perform, let us offer you a reduced-price photoshoot so you have a selection of modern pictures for your fan pages. At only £55 for a selection of eight edited high resolution pictures, you’d be crazy to say no.

Social Media Management:

Head over to our social media management page to learn how we can professionally manage and grow your fan base on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Iinked-in.

Social Media

Do you need a remix to complete your EP and make it appeal to a totally different fan base? We can produce remixes in a range of cutting edge styles. Speak to us about what kind of remix we can offer.

Singing Lessons:

A solid vocal performance is all based around technique. Book a singing lesson with one of our talented and experienced vocal coaches further hone your skills and gain better recordings as a result. Prices are only £35 per hour.

Vocal Coaching