full green screen and animations bring CCP’s free CRM to Life

CCP are one of the UK’s leading call centre providers and at the core of their business is a taylor build software system that acts and a BMS – a Business Management System. In 2018, CCP decided to separate the CRM module of their software and offer it to the public for free. In order to get the work out there, CCP enlisted the video team at Big Jam Studios to film, edit and produce an explainer video. We hired the talents of local actress Collette Redgrave and got to work storyboarding the animations that would match her presentation. To film this video, we used an extra large roll of chroma green backdrop paper in our new video production studio in Sittingbourne Kent. Because the space is also a music studio, it’s got great acoustics for presentations like this. The shoot went perfectly with Collette following our instruction so that we could then match up the animations to her movements. Post production, this was a lot of work to complete. Each individual asset was made from scratch to match CCP’s branding. Once we had the movement, we then polished up the animations to further enhance the quality and feel of the overall video. We love this style of video and find that it’s always very effective for our clients.

Take a look for yourself.


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