As of Monday 25th May 2020, we will be reopening for the following selected bookings – 

  • One on one recording sessions
  • Stem Mixing and Mastering
  • Studio Hire Limited to five people


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Big Jam Studios has outlined the following safety procedures to protect our staff and customers. By working together, we can ensure we are taking as many steps as possible to create a safe working environment. 

  • Masks: Customers are expected to wear a mask and disposable gloves all times except when singing or being photographed. Our staff will always wear masks and gloves when not at their own workstations. We will supply disposable gloves, and you are responsible for your own masks. 
  • Sanitising: All door handles, microphones, stands and any other equipment or surfaces that have been accessed will be wiped with appreciate cleaning products before and after each booking. 
  • Arriving & Departing. Please stand back from the entrance and wait for our staff to stand clear of the door before entering or departing. 
  • Distancing: Customers and staff agree to stay a minimum of 2 metres away from any other person for the duration of any session. 
  • Kitchen Area: This is out of bounds for any customers. Only Big Jam Studio employees can make drinks in this area. Please bring your own refreshment supplies. 
  • Refund Policy: For the time being, we have scrapped our refund policy which means we can refund you at your request for any cancelled booking. 
  • Customer Commitment: All customers must agree that they will not attend any studio session if themselves, or any member of their household, have shown virus symptoms in the last 7 days.


Music Recording and Videos: 

Because Big Jam Studios has been built with four independent sound isolated rooms, we are now offering socially distanced recording and video sessions which can be managed without coming into any form of contact with each other. All recording sessions will take place downstairs in our large vocal booth. Each artist will be in full contact with Kevin via video and audio link on a large screen, so communication can be the same as usual. Performers are expected to adjust microphone positions themselves (with guidance).

Studio Hire:

Our live room is large enough to ensure social distancing measures are admired to at all times. Currently, hire is limited to five group members at one time. Please pay special attention to our safe guarding policy above which applies to anybody coming into the studio. 

Corporate Video Production:

There’s a number of ways we can work with you in a safe, and socially distanced manor to ensure you have compelling online video content for your website and social media channels. In fact, we don’t even have to see you in person to create an animated video with voice over, or we can even edit your home filmed content if we advise you on the best recording methods. If necessary, our team can still film you in person from a safe distance, so let’s have a chat about your video requirements and formulate a plan. 

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