Kent's Largest and Best
equipped music rehearsal space

16x20 foot of dedicated rehearsal space. All sessions include the use of our PA system, drum kit, bass amp, lead amp digital mixing console controlled by iPad as well as up to five Shure SM58 Microphones.

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Looking For Studio Services? A New Chapter For Our Studio Space

After 11 successful years of building, running, and managing our Sittingbourne space Big Jam Studios, we're excited to announce that Kent's most creative studio  has started a new chapter with owners Fresh Fusion Music reopening the space as 'Fresh Fusion Studios' The space will continue to operate as a music, video, and photography studio for recording, rehearsals, and hire

  • Big Jam's Kevin will continue working as a producer for Fresh Fusion 2 days a week
  • Big Jam Studios will continue to operate under the new title of Big Jam Productions as a video production company

If you're here for studio hire or audio recording and production you can book directly with Fresh Fusion Studios here

Make sure you’re fully gig-ready by practicing your show in our tailor-built space.

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Ground floor double door loading for hassle free load in/out

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Free Wi-Fi, tea, and coffee with a clean hygienic kitchen & toilet

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Full ventilation, air-conditioning, seating and heating

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Rehearsal Space

16x20 foot of dedicated rehearsal space plus seating. High-spec acoustic treatment designed by an acoustic engineer

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You Need

Crisp & loud PA, digital mixer, drum kit, amps, and mics available as part of your hire fee

Backline Instruments & Microphones

Simply arrive and plugin to our 5K EV sound system, and Mackie DL32R mixer! You're all set to rock!

Mapex V Series Drum Kit with Hardware

Comfortable 5 piece kit complete with ride and crash stands, hi-hat and snare stands, bass drum pedal and high-quality drum throne.


Fender BXR 300c Bass Combo

This loud and versatile combo boasts 300 watts at 4 ohms into a 15 inch bass speaker, providing a band with a fuller and rich sound.


Peavey Classic Chorus 212 Guitar Combo

The 212 Combo boasts two channels, a Clean channel with 3-band EQ plus Presence control and a Lead channel with 3-band EQ .


Shure SM58 Vocal Microphones

We’ll provide you with up to 5 of the classic Shure SM58 vocal mics and stands.



Why Not Add Another Service?

Press Pass Upgrade:

While you’re at our studio dressed to perform, let us offer you a reduced-price photoshoot so you have a selection of modern pictures for your fan pages. At only £55 for a selection of four edited high-resolution pictures, you’d be crazy to say no.

1 Hour Audio Recording: £150

Let us place some strategic microphones around your instruments to give you a quality live demo recording of your rehearsal. This is the ideal way to reference your act and have great audio to send to potential venues.